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Servicing Lenders And Appraisers With Care

We are committed to excellence for both lenders and appraisers. We understand the valuation process and are equipped with the team, tools and processes in place to optimize your experience.  

“Working with Lisa, Steve, Anne, and everyone at Lender‚Äôs 1st Choice has been such a breath of fresh air. They are quick to respond, willing to help with any problem that arises, and they treat you like family. Whenever we call or email, we are always greeted with courtesy and they are always prompt and eager to assist. Something that can be very hard to come by in this industry. Their appraisal updates keep us informed on the status of the appraisals so that we can give our customers an approximate time line for appraisal receipt, which is amazing. I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed working with everyone at Lender‚Äôs 1st Choice.”



“Over the past four years that I have worked as a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, Lender’s 1st Choice is by far my AMC of choice! I work for a number of appraisal management companies and Lender’s 1st Choice is my favorite due to the fact that they actually have certified appraisers reviewing the submitted appraisal reports rather than individuals that have no appraiser background. The revisions requested are always reasonable and usually are the result of a typo or some other trivial error. The folks who answer the phone are always friendly, courteous, and helpful! They also pay in a timely manner! I actually received a message expressing appreciation for all my hard work! That was very much appreciated! I would submit to you that Lender’s 1st Choice could easily be renamed Appraisers 1st Choice AMC!”


Realtor¬ģ & Appraiser

Making an Impact Within Our World

Lender’s 1st Choice started with a discussion by¬†local lenders about¬†the need for a well led, well managed AMC that understands¬†the importance of superb customer service and delivery of compliant appraisals. From inception, we were built to foster long term relationships with both lenders and appraisers. ¬†Our team consists of seasoned appraisers and industry leaders with decades of experience in tackling a variety of property valuations. Our operating principles are simple; be honest, communicate openly, treat each other fairly, and enjoy what we do. ¬†We look forward to serving you. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

“Whether you are a high, mid, or low production mortgage lender, the level of service is bar none the best and I highly recommend Lender’s 1st Choice to any mortgage lending institution.”


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“I would like to say when we switched to Lender’s 1st Choice AMC; it was the best move our company made. What I love about Lender’s 1st Choice AMC are the immediate notifications generated each time a status change occurs. The website is very easy to use and the customer service level is unmatched. If a situation arises, responses, and resolutions are handled quickly. Thank you Lender’s 1st Choice for doing a great job.”


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A Leader In The Industry

The services we provide drive the leaders we’ve become.

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  • Expert Guidance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Advanced Software
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“My experience working with Lender’s 1st Choice AMC has been very positive.¬† The website is easy to work with and the team is very responsive to my questions.¬† The majority of work assigned to me is in my preferred county.”

Real Estate Appraiser

“Lender’s 1st Choice, LLC has exceeded our expectations. They have a professional team that focuses on our needs. We get individual attention on each order from a team that is knowledgeable, time-sensitive, customer friendly, and continually seeks ways to improve their service to us.


VP Lending

Meet Our Team

Walter T. Boney, Jr. ‚Äď President and Primary Owner,¬†is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Lender‚Äôs 1st Choice Appraisal Management Company. Walt has over 30 years of experience in providing property valuations. He has owned and operated a successful appraisal company in Jacksonville, FL since 1990.¬† Walt was a member of the Board of Directors of First Atlantic Bank from June 2007 through December 2018.¬† While serving on the board, Walt chaired the loan committee. Because of his leadership and expertise in the valuation industry, Walt has created a unique AMC that serves both lenders and appraisers with distinction.

Paul Grube – President and Owner-partner, is responsible¬†for the day to day operations of Lender’s¬†1st¬†Choice¬†Appraisal Management Company.¬† Paul, Lisa Wiley, and Walt Boney work in a collaborative fashion to anticipate¬†lenders‘ product and service needs to ensure that Lender’s¬†1st¬†Choice¬†AMC¬†stays in lockstep with them.¬† ¬†Paul’s background consists of 35 years in the banking industry with experience in various roles within both large and small institutions.¬† The largest portion of his banking career was spent with Wachovia Bank which became Wells Fargo.¬† He retired from Wells Fargo as an EVP & Division Head after spending nearly 30 years with the company and its predecessor¬†bank.¬† He then spent a number of years as the Chief Banking Officer of FirstAtlantic Bank.¬† Over the years, Paul has led teams in various business lending models with differing approaches to obtaining high-quality valuation work in a timely manner.¬† While Paul’s banking career was tilted towards commercial banking, he also had a number of experiences running retail teams and¬†lenders.¬† These experiences allow him to partner well with¬†lenders¬†as they vet balancing the risk of all forms (regulatory, credit, operational, reputational) with client retention, acquisition and service plays; to include speed to market and speed to closing.¬† Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Guilford College and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Lisa J. Wiley – Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for sales, marketing, and business development activities for Lender’s 1st Choice Appraisal Management Company. Lisa is an established leader in the Northeast Florida mortgage market with over 27 years of mortgage origination, operations, secondary market, and servicing experience. Given her experience and expertise in mortgage lending, Lisa provides valuable insight and perspective to our team in serving our client’s appraisal management needs.

Thomas Boney III – Operations Manager Officer,¬†is responsible for the monitoring of the appraiser panel service levels for Lender’s 1st Choice AMC. Thomas’s diverse background allows him the ability to assess and implement changes as needed for continuous process improvement.

Karen Bertke РAppraisal Specialist, is responsible for all aspects of the appraisal orders prior to completion. As the first point of contact, Karen is responsible for daily interactions with lenders, borrowers, and appraisers. Karen’s background in residential Mortgage lending allows her to deliver the highest level of service to our partners

Jaylyn Lewis РAppraisal Specialist, is responsible for all aspects of the appraisal orders prior to completion. As the first point of contact, Jaylyn is responsible for daily interactions with lenders, borrowers, and appraisers. Jaylyn’s diverse background allows her to deliver the highest level of service to our partners.

Steve Shadd – Quality Assurance Manager, is responsible for ensuring compliance and quality of the completed appraisal reports. Steve brings a wealth of appraisal knowledge to the team. Prior to Lender’s 1st Choice AMC, Steve was an appraiser for over 14 years working with the largest residential appraisal firm in Northeast Florida.